Genetiska färgbeteckningar

Agouti gruppen
AA/Aa - Agouti
A* bb - Chocolate agouti
A* rbrb - Russian blue agouti
A* gg - English blue agouti
A* dd - Opal/Graphite agouti
A* bb gg - English lilac agouti / Brittish Lynx
A* bb rbrb - Russian lilac agouti / Russian Lynx
A* bb dd - Graphite lilac agouti / German Lynx
A* rr - Fawn
A* pp - Silver Fawn
A* bb rr - Topaz
A* ggrr - Platinum agouti
A* mm - Cinnamon
A* mm Pepe - Cinnamon pearl

Svarta gruppen
aa - Black
aa bb - Chocolate
aa rbrb - Russian blue
aa gg - English blue
aa dd - Graphite/German blue
aa bb gg - English lilac
aa bb rbrb - Russian lilac
aa bb dd - Graphite lilac
aa rr - Beige
aa pp - Champagne
aa bb rr - Caramel
aa bb pp - Cream
aa mm - Mink
aa bb mm - Coffie
aa bb mm rr - Coffie beige
aa mm Pepe - Pearl

Siamese, Himalayan och PEW
aa chch - Siamese seal point
aa ch(be)ch - Black eyed siamese seal point
aa bb chch - Siamese chocolate point
aa gg chch - Siamese blue point
aa gg ch(be)ch - Black eyed siamese blue point
aa dd chch - Siamese graphite point
aa chch rbrb - Siamese russian blue point
aa ch(be)c - Blackeyed himalayan seal point
aa cch - Himalayan seal point
aa bbcch - Himalayan chocolate point
** cc - PEW

Andra varianter
aa c(be)c - Black eyed cream
A* BUbu chch - Weaten burmese
aa BUbu chch - Burmese
A* bubu - Agouti sable burmese
aa bubu chch - Sable burmese

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